Sophie Ducharme first encountered Traditional Chinese Medicine at age twenty-one when she was studying at an alternative college, called The New School.


Photo by David LeClair

Sophie felt an instant and deep connection with this ancient philosophy − it was a perfect fit with her profound reverence for nature, her deep love of poetry, and her burning desire to find a way to be useful in the world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine describes how the laws of nature manifest themselves within the human body and psyche. This system of health and healing is based on our deep connection to a greater whole − we belong to and are a part of nature.

Thus Sophie was drawn into the world of “useful poetry”, as the language of Traditional Chinese Medicine is, by its very nature, poetic.

“As a youth I was articulate beyond my years and yet unable to read or write until I was almost 11 years old. Because illiteracy was a source of deep shame for me, I invested a lot of energy in hiding it from people. Hiding my difficulties, made it tough for others to help me.

Now I understand that we must lovingly make friends with our difficulties as they serve us by becoming the guides for our transformation and healing.”

Sophie Ducharme

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