Acupuncture & Qi


Your body has a subtle layer or web of energy called Qi.

Qi is the life force. When your Qi circulation is balanced you are in a state of optimum health and vitality.

The quality of your Qi and its circulation are directly responsible for the condition of your skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood vessels, organs and sense organs — and your overall wellbeing. When your Qi is out of balance, your body sends out distress signals in the form of unhealthy symptoms.

If you can imagine Qi — this web of energy — looking like a complex array of electrical circuits, you can begin to grasp the basic concepts of energy meridians and energy circulation.

Meridians are channels that circulate Qi and blood. Meridians create a unified whole that allows different systems of the body to communicate and work together. Every organ has its own meridian and each meridian connects the interior of the body with the exterior.

Your longest meridian (the Bladder Channel) travels from the inside of your eye, along the back of your body, until it terminates at your smallest toe.

Acupuncture treatments rebalance Qi that has become stagnant, deficient, or excessive. Acupuncture points provide access to Qi along your meridians enabling practitioners to re-establish optimum health and wellbeing.

“Dr. Ducharme administers treatments with the utmost subtlety, which translates into powerful results. Her expertise seems to stem from an in-depth knowledge of body/mind/environment relationships, allowing her to be a conduit for the healing intelligence of nature. For me she has masterfully invoked the healing response for injuries, weakness and health optimization.” – Calvine

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