Chinese Herbal Medicine / Custom Diets

MG_4471sophie-300x200Custom diets designed to specifically treat your body’s healing needs.

Eating the correct foods for your body can totally transform conditions of ill health and provide you with the nourishment needed to be full of vitality. Often simple changes in diet will resolve long-term symptoms and health challenges.
MG_4347sophie-300x199Chinese herbal medicine will heal your body in the same manner as food does. Herbs are left in their whole form, like whole foods they are digested and their properties are distributed through the body as nourishment.

Chinese herbs are mixed together in combinations called formulas. Many of these formulas have been used for hundreds of years.

When herbs are mixed together to create a formula the combination of herbs synergizes them into a common purpose, meeting your healing needs.
MG_4476sophieThe aim of the formula is to correct the imbalances that are causing symptoms to occur.

If medicine is prescribed only to treat symptoms without addressing their cause, it is likely that the condition will become worse, even if temporary relief of symptoms is experienced.

Custom-made formulas enable us to treat complicated diseases addressing both symptoms and their causes simultaneously.

“…sincerely recommend Sophie Ducharme. I returned from a trip to Africa with an unknown infection on my foot. Four months of visits to a Western dermatologist failed to correct the problem. When I stopped using the prescribed western medicines and followed Dr. Ducharme’s advice my foot infection was completely cured, and the misdiagnosed condition (psoriasis) I’d had for over 2 years also cleared up. Simple salt water and diet change did far more good than 2 years of expensive cortisone cream! Since then, Dr. Ducharme has treated me successfully for a variety of issues. Her sensitivity and effective skills make her a true, natural healer.” – Bridget Hardy

All photos on this page by: Katie Huisman

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