Your Session

Prior to your first session – general information and suggestions

A session can last from 75 to 90 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing. Aim to feel well nourished but not uncomfortably full. You can increase the benefits of TCM if you are able to schedule time to rest after your session.


Photo by Katie Huisman

What happens during a Traditional Chinese Medicine session?

Diagnosis and treatment include three steps:

  1. Inquiry. The practitioner listens to what you have to say about your health.
    - Are your daily habits supporting you adequately?
    - Are you well nourished, resting deeply and creatively satisfied by your life?
    Many health challenges can be steadily transformed by simple changes over which you have full control.
  2. Listening to the body. You will relax on the treatment table while the practitioner gathers more information by…
    - Taking your pulse
    - Examining your tongue
  3. Treatment. Your treatment will comprise a combination of the following:
    - Acupuncture
    - Moxabustion (heating acupuncture needles and or acupuncture points)
    - Massage and hot stones
    - Custom herbal formulas
    - Personalized dietary plan

How does Traditional Chinese Medicine use pulse taking and tongue examination to arrive at a diagnosis?

The pulse. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 28 distinct types of pulses, referred to as pulse images. The practice of using pulse images has been refined over the last 2000 years. This knowledge is an essential tool for diagnosing the root cause of symptoms.

Your pulse is taken throughout the treatment session to monitor changes in your body. The change in your pulse confirms the correct choice of acupuncture points or indicates whether adjustments need to be made. Continuous monitoring of your pulse enables the Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to move toward the desired outcome for your treatment.

Tongue examination. The tongue is the only internal organ that we can see. Tongue colour, shape and coating indicate the overall condition of the body. Areas on the tongue correspond to internal organs. Tongue examination is especially helpful if symptoms are contradictory.

“…gentle and profoundly relaxing treatments. I leave feeling inspired and energized about my life and my health. With gentleness and persistence, Sophie guided my body to heal itself, in particular she helped me overcome some long-term digestive challenges.” – Tanya

How do various treatment modalities contribute to healing and wellness?

Acupuncture. Acupuncture treatments aim to return your energetic system to a balanced state, which allows your body to heal and rejuvenate itself. Because acupuncture treatments involve your overall energy system, acupuncture addresses your total wellbeing and specific symptoms.

Moxabustion and hot stones. The heat increases a feeling of wellbeing and deepens your relaxation. The heat hastens your energy circulation and builds your energy storage (like charging a battery).

Foot Massage. To complete treatment and brighten awareness.

The Opportunity of Illness

Our bodies often send us subtle messages about our health in the form of symptoms or discomfort.

If we repeatedly ignore these messages, illness can gradually build and ultimately gain control of our bodies. We are forced to pay attention when illness becomes the focus of our lives.

Ironically, when ill health strikes, it can seem sudden — like an ambush. Instead many illnesses result from low-level but habitual self neglect such as failure to eat nourishing food, get sufficient sleep, or exercise.

If you tend to see ill health or discomfort as an inconvenient interruption to your busy life you may move as quickly as possible to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. You patch yourself up and go back to work.

However, rapid symptom relief usually involves pharmaceuticals or strong over-the-counter medications that further weaken your overall system, thereby risking chronic recurrences of the same illness.

Instead, using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you can make your illness an opportunity for transformation and deep systemic healing.

During almost 15 years of practicing TCM, I have been inspired by my clients’ return to health. In fact, many have experienced complete health turnarounds — from suffering to feeling completely alive — a fresh beginning of increased energy and vitality.

Through witnessing my clients’ rejuvenation, I have come to believe that sickness can provide just the motivation we need to pursue deep and lasting healing.

As I use TCM treatments to initiate your healing process, I will also help you to become conscious of daily habits that weaken your system and render it vulnerable to illness. You will be gently guided to make small changes that will support your long-term health and wellbeing and eliminate self-sabotaging choices.

Over a series of visits, we will work on expanding your compassion and understanding for the healthy animal that you were meant to be. As you build improved habits and choices into your daily life, your body will respond.

Typically, clients experience relief with the first TCM treatment and systemic changes are often noticeable after three or four visits.

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